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What is a milk frother for?

What is a milk frother for?

The tradition of adding milk to tea or coffee is very popular. These cocktails are distinguished by their unique taste and are very popular. No less interesting are their improved versions, where milk is whipped into a fluffy, light foam. A classic example is latte and cappuccino

The principle of operation of the foaming agent.

Unlike the aforementioned cappuccino maker of the coffee machine, the frother does not whip the milk with a stream of heated steam, but mechanically, using a metal whisk attached to the bottom of the container. Milk is whipped almost immediately, in a few seconds. The device operates from the mains and consumes relatively little electricity, because its power is much lower than, for example, an electric kettle. The frother even has several modes of operation, which the cappuccinatore cannot always boast of:

Cold foaming. Frothing milk without heating. It is so convenient to prepare original refreshing milkshakes.

Hot foaming. The classic version of the foam used to create lattes, cappuccino and other espresso-based drinks. Heating milk.

The milk heated in the frother will not burn and will not absorb the unpleasant smell of the dish material, because the walls are made of completely neutral metal with a non-stick coating. What a child needs, and even adults, will not hurt.

The frother is a great addition for a coffee maker that does not have its own cappuccino maker. And by itself it can be used to make foam as a separate dessert or just to heat milk. In terms of consistency and density, the foam turns out to be no worse than when using the built-in cappuccinatore. The reservoir of the device is reliably closed with a sealed lid, which allows not only to cook accurately, but also to keep the product fresh for a long time. The favorable price of blowing agents purchased from our official online store is also one of https://fr.reviewing.site/page-evaluer-sphero-r2-d2-product-reviews-honest-john their advantages.

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